4 Tips for Catching More Fish


Fishing, to people who don’t know about it, may seem like a time-consuming and little-returning activity (it may not even be seen as a sport!). However, to people who are a fishing pro or have a passion for fishing, it is a fulfilling sport that requires knowledge of the water area and the types of fish. Fish is also a great source of protein that is a good choice to bring on dinner table at the end of the day. Not only will you need a minimum equipment—at least a line and hook, but also fishing knowledge and patience. The bonus point of fishing is you get some long quiet hours and some beautiful delicious fish for the family. You ask 20 fishermen about their secrets for catching fish, and I bet you will get 20 different answers. It is because people who has been fishing for a long time have usually developed their own fishing techniques over time. But there are 4 common tips for catching fish.


1. Get to Know the Fish

FishingAs with business, you need to know your buyer personas and target market to be able to succeed. Same goes with fishing, you need to know what kind of fish there are in the water area you are going to, and learn about their habits. Timing is an important factor that affects your chance of catching fish. Some types of fish normally bite better in the morning, while others are hungrier in the afternoon or at night. Some like hanging around cold water, while others stick to the warmer shallows. Make sure to check the weather forecast before you head out as well.


2. Use the Right Bait

BaitFish are just like us, and have different preference when it comes to food! Using the right bait is very important for attracting the fish. Covering the hook with the worm or other bait can also get the fish set on a good hook when they bite. There are artificial and electronic baits available in the market at the moment. They are great but they don’t appeal to some certain types of fish.


3. Locations

Unless you are just fishing on the bank of the lake next to your house, you will need a fishing charters to be able to change locations over the ocean. Fish have different preference for hangout spots at different dates of the month. You have a better chance to catch bigger fish and more fish if you fish at the right location. You can check at the nearest bait shop for a local topographical maps and fishing activity reports before you head out.


4. Patience and Peace

We all know noise will scare fish away. So no children, no worries, and try to keep noise to a minimum. You can bring something like a book to kill time meanwhile unplug for a while. Having several quiet hours where you get to disconnect from your smartphone and work is a brilliant way to reduce stress and improve your mental wellbeing.


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