6 Things You Need to Know for Maintaining Your Pool  

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If you live on the West Coast, pool resurfacing will always be in the back of your mind. ‘Is my swimming pool going to be good enough for this year’s summer BBQ?’ With so much beautiful weather on the way in the new year it’s important that you are prepared for all the fun. If your swimming pool is looking a little tired, then a renovation might be in order. However, if you’re not in the market for a new swimming pool, however you think that you would do better to show it some more love, then here are 6 things you should know for maintaining your pool.

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1 – Routine and Regularity is Essential

Particularly if you want to get the most out of your swimming pool and prolong is life; routine maintenance is essential. During the summer you should certainly be setting a time, once a week when you can carry out all of the necessary maintenance duties. Check your PH levels, grab a net and empty the pool of debris, change the baskets in your filters etc.

If you remain organised, you shouldn’t have to spend all that much time on your pool maintenance. However, if you’d rather dedicate your time to other things, there is always the option to hire a pool maintenance professional.

2 – Be Prepared to Spend a Fair Stack of Cash

Maintaining a swimming pool isn’t cheap, remember that. You should always endeavour to set some cash aside in a little pot should something go wrong. Filters and pumps are prone to break at some point or fall into disrepair. So, make sure you have plenty of spare money ready to go in such a scenario.

3 – Pool Covers are More Trouble Than They’re Worth

Pool covers are a great way to get algae build-ups, cloudy water and plenty of debris. Even if you go for a long period without using your swimming pool, we would argue against a pool cover. They’re generally more trouble than they’re worth when it comes to maintaining your swimming pool.

4 – Keep a Close Eye on Your Water Levels

Two things that you definitely don’t want: low water levels resulting in a burnt-out pump; high water levels resulting in your swimming pool overflowing. Keep a close eye on your levels and make sure that you fully understand the functionality of your swimming pools drainage system.

5 – Close Your Swimming Pool When You Don’t Plan to be Using it

There aren’t many months in Australia (particularly on the West Coast) when we don’t fancy a good swim. However, that’s not to say that it isn’t worth closing your pool for a few months out of the year. The turn around will allow you to check the lining of your pool and keep the water as fresh as possible, preventing algae build up and so forth.

6 – Be Sure to Use Your Chemicals Correctly

Few people take pool maintenance seriously and neglect to manage the chemicals properly. Then after much use, they wonder why the pool starts to smell so bad. Make sure that you are regularly clearing out the sun lotion and body oils which eventually build up in the pool and keep it is clean and sparkly as possible. Sure, it’s a bit more work, but it’s worth it in the long-run!

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